Korea Day #4: Seoul Station & Zelen Bulgarian Restaurant

Korea Day #4: Seoul Station & Zelen Bulgarian Restaurant
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Sundays are lazy. Especially this one. After partying last night, I have to admit that jet lag and staying late had its impact. Waked up 2 PM again. Shower, some CNN (I should stop watching fake news, right? ) and a bit of Korean. That language is really hard!!!

After spending most of the day home, decided it’s not a bad idea to go explore Seoul Station area and find some food. Not really impressed with that part of the city even though they are putting lots of efforts to make it more attractive. The recently opened Seoullo 7017 attacks lot of visitors and is an excellent example how an old not needed overpass road can be used to transform and humanize the area around the central train station of the city. (Very much inspired by the project in NYC)

Plan for late afternoon was to find a good coffee and study Korean and get ready for the work week. I think I found a perfectly located and not too busy place (not being busy for a good coffee shop is a hard thing, so I think this one was recently opened and haven’t gained popularity yet). Like always what you plan is not what happens, so my plan changed. In no time found myself in Itaewon in one and only Bulgarian restaurant in Seoul. This place is famous among Koreans as one of the owners, Chef Michael, is a TV star. I’ve been regularly going to Zelen as I like to get some Bulgarian treats from time to time. There I met one of my professors at Sofia University who was attending a conference here. He invited me to actually to meet another professor from a Korean university. Being in Asia is all about the network, and networking always means eating and drinking together. Specifics of the market.

Tomorrow will be my first work day since back to Korea, and I’m quite excited about it.

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